Saturday, February 13, 2010

busy bees

The kids and I were up early as they had little athletics. Its so hard when Damian cant come as I'm only able to go round with one kid and I usually go round with Lilly because she's still at that cheeky age and doesn't listen as well as Joshua does. Lilly’s first event was hurdles, she came 3rd and still got a PB! We really need to work on her starts as she still takes a step back when the gun goes off, she’s not afraid of the gun its just a bad habit she has. She then had 70m sprint, once again she took a step back she came 2nd overall and was oh so close to catching the boy but she did come first out of the girls and yep another PB! We then headed off to vortex which is what they use for the young kids until they are old enough to use the javelin, I was so surprised at how well she threw it this time round, i think buying her one for Christmas has really helped and yep another PB! Her last event for the morning was discus, her technique has really improved and she threw the discus over 4 metres so yep another PB for the week. Josh also did very well, he was a little upset he didn't get any PB’s this week but he ran so well in the 100m sprint and his technique has really improved with discus. We had to head off early so unfortunately Joshua was unable to complete all of his events, we walked home and got ready for Hayden’s Birthday party at Wild Child indoor centre.

I dropped the kids off and organized to have someone drop them home as I had to get the house clean for open house inspection. John dropped the kids off me which was a great help and I managed to have the house spotless just in time for all the people to look through, they had 3 families come through and one couple seemed very interested, so much so that they came back for a second inspection an hour later!

By the time all that was done and dusted it was 4pm!  I felt so drained for some reason and decided to have a nana nap, I set my alarm as I still had to head out to feed the ponies. I didn't even hear Damian come home and when I finally did wake up it was already 8pm. We decided to cheat and have a take away again which is so unlike us to do more than once a fortnight but seeing as my finger is so sore from cutting it on the glass yesterday and swollen I cant make too many things unless I get help from Damian.

While Damian was down the street getting our dinner I got a call to say Sasha was down the beach so off I went to get her, she is really driving us crazy, I don't want to get rid of her as I think its unfair for her to be shuffled from one owner to another but then I'm so worried about her going on the roads as she doesn't have much road sense, so my plan for tomorrow is to place some corrugated iron over the fence she is jumping and hope that it will deter her, however I know she will just find another place to get out ugh!

My photo of the day is of my jewellery stand, after cleaning the bathroom today and re-arranging all my goodies on it I thought Id take a pic seeing as Lilly is infatuated by it and every now and then I find a set of earrings in her room so while they are all here and accounted for Id capture it LOL ….


Friday, February 12, 2010

Little al is 23

Its my brothers birthday today so i called him straight away, poor thing had to work! I had to laugh at a few of his well wishes on facebook especially the one from Amanda, she calls him little Al as he is a replica of my Dad haha. I really wanted to go to gym this morning but I knew the plumber and the handy man were coming back this morning so I opted to stay at home while they were here, I just feel too uncomfortable with people I don't know on the property. The handyman was all done by11am and the plumber had the roof finished just before i had to go and get Lilly. He said he would be back on Monday to finish off sealing a few areas and to keep an eye out for any leaks but hopefully it should be ok, fingers crossed.

Lainie and I tested the girls out for our meeting place but they went straight past it and in to the car park, so we are a little worried what Monday will bring, hopefully they will remember to stay put until we are there!

Lilly and I came home and chilled at home until we had to head back out and get Josh. It was a back and forth day today as the primary school was putting on a BBQ and we had to head back out yet again!

The BBQ went well I was half expecting it to rain as the clouds were so dark but it held out, it was a good meet up however didn't really get to chat to anyone new LOL

Damian didn't show up as he had to work late, I got the kids in to bed early as they have a big day tomorrow. I just sat on the computer and had a few quiet beers which is my photo of the day LOL ….


Thursday, February 11, 2010

mess is the best … not!

I was keen for another session at gym so dropped the kids off early to school and headed straight there. I did another 2 hour circuit and felt full of energy for the rest of the day so i was happy!

I received letters from the tribunal in regard to the house repairs and spent the rest of the morning back and forth on the phone to them making sure i was filling the forms out correctly.

The plumber came around and dropped off the tin for the roof and said he would be back tomorrow to finish the job off, then to my surprise the handyman came around and knocked down the fernery, I couldn't believe it I had only just finished filling out the final repair claim form and here they all are to fix everything, its such a shame they wait 6 months and then at the very last minute send people in to have it done, however after being on the phone again to the tribunal they suggested I still fill in the forms and have them sent off as it will cover me just in case the repairs are not completed 100% and may not work.

I headed off to pick Lilly up and we came home for a rest, she was so tired again and ended up falling straight asleep. I felt awful about waking her up to get josh as she really needed a good sleep. We fed the ponies and headed home, the kids rode their bikes for the afternoon and it was another early night for us all.

My photo of the day is of my daughters room, this is on a good day, I get so frustrated that she makes such a mess in her room, she gets one toy out and never puts it away when she decides to play with another, within an hour her room is a complete mess :( …


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

kids ahoy

Another Wednesday at home with Lilly but we had a busy day ahead! I had to take Lilly to school for her assessment so while she was doing that with her teacher I quickly headed down the street to get petrol, i couldn't believe how busy it was! I made it back just in time.

We headed home as Lainie and her kids were coming over for a swim and play. Once the girls were in the pool they didn't want to get out and before I realized it I had to head off to pick up Josh and his friend Riley from school then stop off and pick up Georgia up so they could all play and swim. I quickly stopped in to Safeway and grabbed a bottle of wine and some beer so we could chill out while we watched the kids. We got that hot Lainie and I decided to jump in the pool for a dip.

Damian got home around 5pm and he also jumped in the pool, he looked so hot from working all day, the kids were jumping all over him!

Dani came to pick up her kids and Lainie decided to head off, seeing as it was such a late night we decided to have take away so i went out to feed the ponies and grabbed some fish n chips. After dinner we were all still so hot so we all jumped back in the pool and didn't get out till well after 9pm, the kids were asleep in no time!

I snapped a photo of one our tomato plants as they are all starting to bear fruit and wont be long before I can make my grandmas famous tomato relish yummmm …


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

work it

I dropped the kids off nice and early and headed straight to gym. I did a 2 hour circuit and felt pretty good once I was done. I also booked in to do a spin class for next Monday, should be interesting!

I headed home to clean up and have a rest because as time went on I was feeling more and more drained from the work out I did. I decided to make my favourite smoothie which gave me the pick up i needed …


Ingredients …

  • 1tsp Spirulina
  • 1 Banana
  • 2 Tblsp Organic Yoghurt
  • 1 Tblsp Honey
  • 1 Tblsp LSA (Linseed, Sunflower, Almonds-Crushed)
  • Rice Milk

I didn't have to pick Lilly up today as Lainie’s girl wanted her to come over and play for the afternoon so I was able to relax until I had to get Josh. We stopped in at Lainie’s to get Lilly and then headed straight to the swimming pool so Lilly could have her assessment.

She did really well considering she hasn't had many lessons at all then we dashed home as Jacinta and family were on their way to have a dip and relax seeing as the days are just getting hotter and hotter!

The kids played really well in the pool and Lilly ended up going back to sleep on the couch, I really think school is knocking her about a bit, I just hope she gets use to it really soon!

Jacinta and family headed home around 6pm and we had dinner and an early night.

Monday, February 8, 2010

give me some shade

A new start to the week and the kids are back at school. Lilly is up and ready before everyone else but I know this isn't going to last too much longer haha.

I came back home and had the place spotlessly clean in no time then took Hunny to her first doggy paddle lesson, she did so very well and I was so mad I didn't take my camera arrgghh! Hunny managed to do 8 laps and she seemed to have enjoyed every minute of it. I only had an hour to relax before heading out to pick Lilly up from school, this is the last week of collecting her early and then next week she will be doing full days.

I headed straight to the gym and paid for the rest of my membership and then headed home, it was really starting to heat up so i made sure the pool was clean and ready for when Josh got home.

We picked Josh up and fed the ponies. When we got home the kids headed straight for the pool.

When Damian got home I got him to put up the mesh over the kitchen window as the sun glare and heat is unbearable when cooking in the kitchen …


Sunday, February 7, 2010

unwell angel

Had a great sleep in and could've slept longer but Josh was getting dropped off  early so made myself a coffee and caught up on some facebook and emails before he got home.

Not too long after Jacinta called and wanted to see if Jacob could come around and show Josh his new bike, so we organized for them all to come over after lunch. I also arranged for her to pick Lilly up from Nicole’s. When I rang Nicole to make sure that was ok she told me that Lilly had been up all night vomiting, not only that but Bella had jumped out of her closet and had hurt both of her arms. Damian headed off to help his Dad set up their vegie patch for the day.

Jacinta and the gang rocked up about 1pm and the boys were off riding their bikes and poor Lilly crashed and slept on the couch for a few hours. It didnt take long for the kids to get too hot and they headed for the pool. Jacinta, Craig and I just sat round and gas bagged for the arvo, it was lovely sitting up on the verandah. They headed home about 5pm seeing as the kids had school the next day.

I got myself organized and was able to have a quiet night watching movies.

I took a photo of our dog Hunny she was so hot today so I let her sleep inside under the fan …

2010-02-11 10-46-04